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Web Development & Design


Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp with University of Richmond, graduated May 2021


HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, CSS Frameworks, jQuery, Node.js, mySQL, RESTful API, Mongo, Github, Heroku, Adobe Photoshop


I'd love to help you build the perfect website to represent you and/or your business!


I am experienced in full-stack web development (front-end connecting to back-end,) and specialize in implementing flawless, user-friendly front-end designs and prioritize mobile responsiveness for maximum accessibility.

If you have a web project in mind you'd like to discuss, please submit a booking form. I am open to establishing a new website, re-designing and working with existing content, and more.

All web services start with a deposit of $150 and incur additional fees depending on the work requested. I'm happy to give a quote!

Discounts available for equine rescue & sanctuary organizations!

Sample Projects & Active Work

Screenshot 2021-10-06 105205_edited.jpg

In 2020, VEWS requested a website overhaul including the implementation of a new domain name, design, and user interface that puts mobile accessibility as a priority. 

I volunteer within a team using a CMS (content management system,) to make these updates and provide the VEWS Board with consistent progress updates and stretch goals. I continue to maintain the website while communicating with the Director of Marketing regarding needed changes.


Weather Memory is a web application that uses an API to report what the weather was like when the user inputs any date from anywhere in the U.S., all the way back to 1970. As a fun bonus, it will also tell you the top hit on the billboard charts for that day. In addition, the design is responsive to the weather conditions for that day, so the user will notice clear blue skies when the weather was clear, cloudy skies on rainy days, and more. I worked on this project in a small group with two other developers. Visit the Github Repository 


The Work Day Planner app is helpful to anyone working a 9am-5pm schedule and needs to keep track of their day. The user can input any task into the corresponding hour, and save their task in the event they need to close the app and come back to it later. During the hours of 9am-5pm, each hour block will change colors to indicate whether the hour has past, if it is currently that hour, or if the hour is upcoming. Visit the Github Repository 

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