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Help a Horse Benefit Program

The Unwanted Horses Coalition estimates there are between 6,000 and 10,000 horses housed by rescues at any given time.

Many of these rescues are non-profit and are only able to continue their life-saving work through donations.

A portion of all profits from photography and web services will be donated to a verified Virginia Equine Rescue or Sanctuary every month to support their mission.

Horses nuzzling

March 2022 Recipient


"Central Virginia Horse Rescue, Inc   is a 501(c)3 small  rescue founded in south central Virginia and dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of needy horses.  In 2020, the Horse Adoption Central moved to Fredericksburg, VA.  The rescue serves the state of Virginia."

Why I Started This

In 2019 I began volunteering with Virginia Equine Welfare Society and have first-hand experienced rehabbing and rehoming previously unwanted and neglected horses. There is a tremendous amount of labor and dedication involved in running a non-profit animal rescue organization and at times it is not easy, but witnessing the transformation the animal goes through when they realize they are safe and loved is what drives my passion.

It is my goal to donate to a verified Virginia Horse Rescue or Sanctuary every month as a way of thanking those organizations for their hard work. Together we can make a difference for those horses.
Me & Xena
Recipients are chosen on a monthly basis and must be a verified non-profit in Virginia working to improve the lives and welfare of horses/equines.

If you are a horse rescue or sanctuary and are interested in becoming a future recipient of the Help a Horse Benefit, please get in touch!

Adopted horses make the best friends

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